Probiotics have started to gain more and more traction in peoples conscience as there are now multiple ways to ingest them! Many people know them for their digestive purpose but there are actually multiple benefits that will enhance your well-being. Take a look below at all the good stuff they have to offer and just imagine how great you’d feel if you incorporated more of those live cultures in your diet!

Aids digestion:

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A healthy digestive system and probiotics go hand in hand. Because probiotics are friendly bacteria, they promote good digestion by balancing the pH of the intestinal tract, creating a less desirable environment for pathogenic bacteria. Stress and lack of sleep can disrupt the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the intestines, making probiotics necessary to prevent overall health and digestive problems.

Keeps the immune system strong:



Similar to vitamins A, C, and E, probiotics are known to help maintain a strong immune system. Because there has been an increase in autoimmune and allergic diseases, our modern immune system isn’t being challenged by pathogenic organisms, thus introducing friendly bacteria can be helpful. Although research is minimal, probiotics might even help to prevent upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold.

Reduces inflammation:

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© dimdimich

A study by The Arthritis Foundation found that the bacteria in probiotics (formally known as Bifidobacterium infantis) could reduce arthritis systems. Probiotics can also add in the relief of intestinal inflammation often caused by IBS.


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