The hardest part about working out is actually getting to the gym. Especially in the winter which caters all the excuses of; its too cold, I’m blocked in by snow, I don’t want to leave my warm fire at home or whatever other creative excuse you’ve told yourself this winter. No gym, no problem this winter: below are 5 crossfit workouts from Fitness Instructor Tyler Manzo of BRICK New York, that you can complete at home:



6 Rounds 

10 Pushups
15 V-Ups
20 Jumping Air Squat

“Hit this workout hard and as fast as you can. It’s going to be a fight,” says Manzo.


16min AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

10 Burpees
10 Pull-Ups
20 Lunges
20 Situps

“This will be a grind. Have a good solid warm up, then get right into it,” says Manzo.



20 Minute EMOM (every minute on the minute)

Minute 1: 15 Pushups
Minute 2: 10 Pullups
Minute 3: 15 Situps
Minute 4: 20 Lunges

“Work hard to hit that goal in the minute and enjoy the rest until the next!” says Manzo


Round 1 (Reps): 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
Round 2 (Reps): 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Tuck Jump

(Rest as needed between sets and rounds 1 and 2.)


10 Rounds

20 Mt. Climber
20 Situps
20 Air squat
20 Lunges

“Who doesn’t want a core and leg burner? This will have you sweating and you’re legs burning,” says Manzo.



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