If you’re thinking about retiring, you should also think about relocating to one of these hip cities.  Whether your into the outdoors, art or waterfront properties, these cities will nurture your account as well as feed your hunger to dive into those hobbies and keep your edge!

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This southwestern Utah town features hundreds of miles of trails for biking and hiking, and Mt. Zion National Park is a few miles away. St. George also remains affordable compared to more well-known retirement destinations such as Palm Springs and Tucson. The median home price here is $195,000.


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At the junction of the Yakima and Columbia rivers, Richland is a haven for kayaking, fishing, and boating, For bikers, the 23-mile long Sacagawea Trail winds along the banks of the Columbia while hikers flock to Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve. Washington has no state income tax. The median home price: in Richland is $203,350.


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