We are all familiar with that one gym guy that hoards all the dumbbells in his corner, is busy taking selfies in the mirrors or that leaves his sweat on every surface of the gym possible  because, what is cleaning spray anyway? Here are some friendly reminders to help you avoid being ‘that guy’ at all costs:

Gym Etiquette Rule #1 — Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Even though you’re expected to sweat in a gym, you shouldn’t treat the environment any different. Chalk this one up to common courtesy, but worth a reminder. If you’re a big sweater (you know who you are…) then it’s an absolute requirement to carry a towel with you and wipe down the equipment when you’re done.



Gym Etiquette Rule #2 — Everyone Loves a Nice Rack

If you’re strong enough to put 12 plates of 45 pounds on a leg press, then you’re strong enough to carry them back to the rack where they belong! It’s a trip hazard, an inconvenience, and an eyesore.

Gym Etiquette Rule #3 — Know When to Yield

Benches in the weight room are kind of like ATM machines… there is an invisible 2-3 foot radius of assumed privacy. This allows the exerciser to utilize the bench in the way that they see fit

Gym Etiquette Rule #4 — Be Mindful of the Mirrors

If you’re doing dumbbell curls one foot from the dumbbell rack so you can see yourself in the mirror, then you may as well be using six sets of dumbbells because no one else can get in there to grab some dumbbells. I promise you that your “guns” are going to look JUST as big if you step back a few feet from the mirror.

Gym Etiquette Rule #5 — Safety First!

Take a moment to double check the setup of the equipment. Put weight clips on the barbell to hold your weight still and prevent them from sliding off.

THINK about what you are doing. And NEVER, EVER be afraid to ask for help or a spotter. You may be intimidated to do so, but people don’t mind at all because they may need it some day too!


Original Source: Tami McVay, Owner, tamimcvay.com, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tami-mcvay/gym-rules_b_7599980.html?utm_hp_ref=healthy-living


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